Hands on a Headstone

Meaning of Handshake on Headstone
Handshake on headstone symbolises a married couples grave due to the female and male cuffs

Hands Clasping or Shaking of Hands – Firstly, it could represent a Mason.

It could also represent a married couple if male and female as denoted by the sleeved cuffs. If this is the case, the hand on top can sometimes represent the partner who passed first and will guide their loved one to the afterlife when the time comes. It can also symbolise a farewell to Earth and God’s welcome to Heaven or indicate a relationship between the deceased and those they left behind. You would need to look at the other symbols on the headstone in order to decipher the meaning

Hands cupped – These represent an offering to God

Hand holding a heart – Symbolises charity and could be used to denote a mason

Hand holding a pen – Could symbolise a writer or the writing of names in the book of life

Hands reaching   This is either God reaching down for the deceased or the soul reaching upwards to heaven. Occasionally both hands will be shown reaching for each other

Hand pointing down – The hand of God descending from Heaven or represents an untimely, sudden or unexpected death. If a finger points to a book it typically represents the bible

Hand pointing up – This indicates gone to heaven. Sometimes accompanied by phrases such as ‘thy will be done’ or simply ‘gone’

Hands praying – Religious devotion

Hands held out with thumbs touching – This is a blessing sometimes found on Jewish graves

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