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Taphophile Book Reviews
Taphophile Book Reviews

What is A Taphophile?

A taphophile is a person who is interested in cemeteries, funerals and gravestones
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Amanda and Mark are both taphophiles and together over the years, they have purchased a number of graveyard and cemetery books to help them find out more about the customs of death, burial and symbology used. Mark is more interested in the symbology, Amanda is intrigued with the customs of death and burial. To find out more, please read about us.

A Taphophiles Book List

Below is a taphophiles book list that will eventually have an open and honest review on each book, but for now, each book title links through to Amazon, because if you do purchase it via a link below, you will be helping to support the funding of this website, which would be most appreciated. Please check back on a regular basis for updates.

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